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Rodolfo Ferro in 2014 participated for the first time in CdeCMx, within the first editions, on Guanajuato where He met Benjamín, His participation changed the perspective he had about scientists and how science is done. Creating an incredible experience, then volunteering to help with tasks within the team, He did an intership in 2017 at Harvard University. CdeCMx was the trigger that gave him the enrgy to carry out what He is currently doing, in addition to creating ties and bonds such as meeting Guido Van Rossum, creator of Python.

” In this [CdeCMx] Challenge, I learned several things, which used different methodologies, diagnostic methods for detecting viruses, and biosensors, together with the technology used to make them. In addition to being able to work with my colleagues, researchers, and staff. So I am going to have a great experience of learning and good moments.”

– Laura Velasco, 2020 –

” This [CdeCMx] Challenge seemed to be a very enriching experience. I learned how diagnostic tests, viruses, and research on both works. I loved the experience of being able to work and learn with highly knowledgeable and research experienced people from various disciplines who were willing to share. And above all, I liked being able to work with the issue of COVID-19, one of the global problems that have the most impact on our society today “

– Harumi López, 2020 –

Ramses Martínes is currently a research assistant at the Inger’s Lab at the Wyss Institute. The first time He participated in CdeCMx was as a student in 2015 and 2016 at Xalapa. This experience made him want to give back a little of what CdeCMx brought to his life as an instructor in 2017. He also works on the CogniXense project with Modeling of cognitive disorders especially Rett Syndrome

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