About CdeCMx

Clubes de Ciencia México (CdeCMx) is a non-profit organization formed by young scientists dedicated to promoting educational and professional opportunities in STEM fields. We have developed an educational model tailored for high school and undergraduate students, which includes free in-person and online courses, known as ‘Clubes y MiniMOOCs

Over the course of 9 years, we have designed and delivered more than 353 clubs to over 5,700 students in Mexico, with the support of 691 international instructors and 26 partner institutions.



Our mission is to expand access to the highest quality scientific education for young people from all socio-economic backgrounds in high school and higher education levels and to inspire the next generation of Mexican scientists, technologists, and innovators through international education networks.

What do we do?

We promote careers, educational and professional opportunities among Mexican students through educational STEM programs.

We create collaboration and mentoring networks between students and instructors from Mexico and the United States.

We design and teach original content that illustrates innovative topics in science and technology.

Where can you find Clubes?

The Clubes de Ciencia program was created in Guanajuato, Mexico in 2014, and has rapidly expanded to 9 cities and 8 Ibero-American countries.

We are a part of the international network, Science Clubs International.

Empowering Members to Create Impact

The CdeCMx committees play a fundamental role in developing strategic activities that promote interaction and cooperation to fulfill our mission.

How do I participate as an instructor?

Our volunteer instructors are scientists who are experts in their respective research fields. They can be university professors, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students. Every year, we issue a call for applications from scientific instructors who are interested in volunteering to design and teach a course (club). Many former club participants also become volunteers for future clubs!

How do I participate as a student?

If you have a deep interest in innovative scientific topics, are driven by creativity and curiosity to understand phenomena in your environment, and want to spend a week of your summer learning from the best researchers from Mexico and the United States, then CdeCMx is for you.


Would you like to be a volunteer?

Join our team of volunteers and contribute to the organization of Clubes de Ciencia!

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